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Free Energy & AntiGravity
Free Energy & AntiGravity
Free Energy & AntiGravity

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Free Energy Systems:

Back Yard Interview with Don Kelly
Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Don Kelly, an Anti-Gravity, Free Energy, and Perpetual Motion Specialist, talks about various Systems from models which he build himself, to systems as far away as the Switzerland. At the conclusion of the video, he shows a model of a free falling magnetic plate, which appears to fall to the earth 1/3 slower than a similar plate that is not magnetic.

This Don Kelly video was filmed entirely at what appears to be the back yard of his house in Florida. With a pen in hand and an easel in his backyard, he explains in his presentation the three types of Free Energy Machines: Dynamic, Solid State (no moving parts), Hybrid (a combo of both Dynamic and Solid State such as the Swiss Converter).

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Kelly, a Perpetual Motion Specialist, talks about various Systems from models he build himself, to working systems as far away as Switzerland. He discusses each inventor and describes how their systems work.

Free Energy Types:

Dynamic Free Energy Type: Kelly explains that these Dynamic types, are non-inductive, that is they get energy directly from the space. N-Machines in particular get the energy from the magnetic space surrounding a magnet-magnetic field space energy.

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Very powerful Neodymium permanent magnets are used in the latest technology. They found that even though a rotating motor moves, the magnetic flux patterns around the rotor stay the same, thus we have a stable interaction with space energy.

Solid State Free Energy Type: Dr. Henry de Moray was one of the first to demonstrate the use of solid state technology to produce 30 kWatts of energy using a 9 volt battery (not totally free energy, but pretty close).

Floid Sweet also developed the vacuum Triodes Amplifier which used a similar 10 volt input to produce a larger output. This excess energy was pulled in from the dormant energy that lay in the empty space around us, and merely need a catalyst to activate and control it. Kelly also talks about a plasma generator.

Hybrid Free Energy Type: There's not to many of these around. Of the most famous is the Swiss Converter used in Switzerland by a secluded religious group in the mountains. These are true Free Energy machines and use an electrostatic slow spinning disc that produces a high voltage output.
Free Energy & Anti-Gravity

The input current is zero, and the output current is 3000-4000 watts. The speed that the electrostatic disc spins at is only 30 rpm's. (I saw a video showing these amazing machines working and they have been using these for years. They are in every home and business and are thought of by the locals as nothing special).

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Swiss Converter used in Switzerland by a secluded religious group in the mountains
Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Hybrid Free Energy Type Swiss Converter

Kelly talks about many pioneers in the Free Energy / Anti-Gravity field. He also explains briefly how each of their systems work:

-William Hyde- was one of the creators of the Electro Static Generator. One of the Dynamic types that produce more energy output than that which is put in the input.

-De Wingate's Electro system.

-Dr. Marinov from Austria's Electro Magnetic Induction Generator.

-Hans Collier, a pioneer in the early prototypes of Free Energy.

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
-Victor Schanberger, uses the Hyperbolic Spiro and Hydraulics and show how imploding techniques should be used instead of the inefficient explosive machines like the ones we use today.

-Ken Shouder's Solid State machines from Texas.

-Spencer's experimental Electron field Spire.

-Ried's motor of Dynamic Magnetic to energy conversion.

Also discussed are the Whin Systems, Photon traps, Moray rings, and more.

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