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Free Energy & AntiGravity!Don Kelly:Free Energy & Anti-Gravity & Falling Magnetic MotorsDon Kelly Free Energy & Anti-Gravity & Falling Magnetic Motors

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Free Energy & AntiGravity
Free Energy & AntiGravity
Free Energy & AntiGravity

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Anti-Gravity Systems:

Back Yard Interview with Don Kelly ------> Continued...
Don Kelly Free Energy
In the field of Anti-Gravity devices, Don Kelly explains the different machines available and the inventors who created them:

-William Hopper-He was able to link Free Energy with Weight Loss (Anti-Gravity), using a hopper coil. This system using no moving parts (Don Kelly show an actually model later in this video).

-T. T. Brown's Electro Gravity.

-Nicola Tesla's physics of water.

Anti-Gravity & Falling Magnetic Motors

Don Kelly's own falling magnetic plates demonstrating reduction in weight within a moving magnetic field

Don Kelly show a model of his famous Magnetic Falling Plate. The principal is that if we take a plate and place a certain active magnetic field around it, I will loose mass and its weight will be reduced. Thus dropping it from a certain height, it should fall slower than that of a similar plate that is uncharged. Empirical data shows that it does !!!, it actually falls about 33% slower.

Don Kelly Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
Kelly's explains how when he demonstrated this to university physics professors, they could not and would not accept this-even after a series of demonstrations. Their rulings are that their is some how a margin of error. A scientific error of 5% is generally acceptable, but 33%?

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Free Energy & Anti-Gravity
A close up of one of Kelly's falling magnetic plate in which fall's about 30% slower that that of a similar plate, not magnetic
A housing of another magnetic devices that deifies gravity by about 26% over a similar non magnetic one

Don Kelly Free Energy
This information is not found in college or university text books for various reasons. The giants of the major oil company's, utilities providers, etc., and the greedy banks who finance and run these operations simply have too much to loose. It is also interesting to note that people without a formal education, the ones who do not follow traditional physics (as taught to them in college text books) and therefore are free to dream, are the ones that actually come up with these interesting devices (like Nicola Tesla).

The problem is that since they have no formal education, their ideas are written of as fraudulent and they are flagged as "nuts". People should realize that a working unconventional machine, is worth much more than the conventional text book that says that the machine shouldn't work.

People who say that it cant be done, shouldn't stand in the way of people doing it !!!

A private production. This Video can't be bought in stores. A must for the Free Energy/Anti-Gravity buff.\

Editors Note:Again, another extremely interesting video. What is interesting to note about this video is that they speak as if this is Text Book material, yet with all the people telling us you cant get energy from nothing, still people are doing it !!!

These can't be bought in stores. Another "must have" Video.How Can I See The Video?

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